Week 4

Currently Reading: Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

Tuesday, February 12 and Thursday, February 14

This week, I continued to observe Ms. Kordeliski teaching research skills to sixth graders. She showed them a variety of research resources and did a great job of reviewing with them each day what had already been covered. I learned about some new tools to use with students in addition to Sweet Search-one of them is Animodo, which she uses for book trailers, and i-nigma.com that I can use to create my own QR codes. Pretty cool!

I also had the chance to talk to Mrs. Kordeliski about the different programs she does in the library. She does a book club with students called “Word Junkies” which meets every other week. The students are creating book trailers using Animodo technology featuring their favorite books. These trailers will be put on the Norman Public Schools YouTube channel. In addition, Mrs. Kordeliski used Animodo to create a video encouraging students to read different books over Christmas break. She showed the titles of each book and gave a brief synopsis of each. She shared this video with the teen librarian at Norman Public Library so she could use it as well. I thought this was a great way to collaborate with others in the community! Mrs. Kordeliski also mentioned using Glogster to create interactive posters and Edmodo to create a page for the Word Junkies (students post book reviews and “reading wish lists” on the page). She is familiar with many different technologies and does a good job of involving them in library instruction. I love that!

Mrs. Kordeliski does a lot with her Word Junkies group-they have the opportunity to read the advanced copies she picked up at the ALA Midwinter Conference earlier this semester, and got to vote on which author to invite for a Skype visit. I definitely want to actively involve students in similar ways in the future!

Another strength I have seen at Irving Middle School is that the window and book displays are well designed, attract attention, and change frequently (monthly). Mrs. Kordeliski creates themed displays to feature books in the collection or student work. During October she had a writing contest and set up a computer where students could submit their entries online-another great use of technology in the library! This month, she has several books (both picture, chapter, and nonfiction) related to “love” on display, and students are allowed to write the titles of their favorite new books on paper hearts and tape them to the library windows. This is a great way to allow students to be involved in the library, share ideas, and express themselves. Mrs. Kordeliski gets many of her ideas from Twitter, which she uses for professional uses only, she said. Like Stacy Ford at Kennedy Elementary, she encouraged me to “follow” several different library media-related accounts as part of my professional development.



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