Week 5

Currently Reading: Divergent by Veronica Roth

This was the first of three weeks at the Norman High School Library. I had been looking forward to gaining experience at the high school level all semester, and couldn’t wait to get started!

Tuesday, February 19

I really enjoyed my first day at the high school. I think it is my favorite library environment so far! The library is spacious and gets a lot of use. The staff, including the secretary and assistant, are enthusiastic and have friendships with other staff as well as the students who frequent the library. I feel privileged to learn from Calypso Gilstrap, who has been named NHS’s Teacher of the Year. I love the enthusiasm she shows for her job, her students, and for reading! She had a lot of great advice on how to reach out to teachers and connect them to the resources available in the library. She also gave me some tips on connecting students to the right book, and how to invite elective courses to use the library rather than just being a space for core courses. The library has done a lot to promote itself to students this year, and has seen circulation improve because of it. I plan to incorporate some of their ideas, such as a bulletin board in the hallway, in the future.

I have been wanting to learn how to use Interwrite Mobi software for a while now, and finally got the chance to do so! It is harder than it looks, but I’m sure I will get the hang of it eventually. This internship has taught me so much about using technology!

I look forward to spending time with the other librarian who was out today, Martha, and seeing how the two librarians work together. The high school library is less active than elementary and middle school libraries, but I like being able to connect to the students on a different level. I am really excited to be there the next few weeks and learn more about working with this age group!

The NHS Library is a very large space, and is hard to summarize in just a few pictures. There are several elements of the library that I really like, including the book towers displaying new books, and the various posters and displays the librarians use throughout the space.

IMG_1028 IMG_1029 IMG_1031 IMG_1034 IMG_1035 IMG_1036IMG_1033IMG_1039

Thursday, February 21

SNOW DAY!!! I won’t be gaining more experience at the high school level today, but I did get to experience the joy and excitement of a snow day, just like I did when I was in high school. The feeling never gets old!



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