Week 6

Currently Reading: Insurgent by Veronica Roth (what can I say…I am obsessed!)

This was my second week at Norman High School. It is definitely my favorite setting so far! It is very different from being in an elementary school or even in a middle school. The high school library is more laid back than at other levels, and although fewer students use the library to check out books, many more students come in to use the computers or other technology such as Nooks or to work on multimedia projects for a class. There is more one-on-one interaction between the librarian and student, which I like. There are fewer opportunities to co-teach than I expected, but many opportunities to provide teachers with ideas and resources for their lessons. I like the laid-back atmosphere and enjoy providing readers’ advisory to the students. Because of their age, there is a greater range of materials they can read and enjoy and I feel less restricted in recommending books to them. I can see that all members of the library staff have built friendships with the students. Cultivating friendships with students is particularly effective at the high school level for impacting students’ lives-I would love to impact my future students the way the library staff at NHS does!

Tuesday, February 26

Today I observed Martha and Calypso co-teach a class in the computer lab with a history teacher, Mr. Widener. The class used Google Presentation to create a newspaper consisting of biographical articles on historical figures. The students were required to include a primary and secondary source, testing their knowledge of different types of information sources, and to write a  “letter to the editor” pointing out high and low points of one or more of the articles (incorporating writing, responding, and summarization into the lesson). I enjoyed seeing how the two librarians co-taught together and alongside the teacher. Calypso provided instructions and Martha operated the Google Presentation, and both helped students one-on-one around the room. I liked the assignment because it included a range of information skills, and it was good to see how the librarians interacted with each student.

Thursday, February 28

Today the library assistant, Kayla, and I worked together to process books recently received in the library’s annual book order. Processing the books only involved stamping them, but when we process the Sequoyah MasterList books next week it will be a longer process. I saw a lot of books on the carts that I want to read, and this activity was useful for seeing which books students are interested in and hearing the librarians’ rationale for selecting specific books.

I am looking forward to another week at NHS!



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