Internship Schedule

Here is the final schedule for my internship. As you can see, I will split my time between Madison Elementary, Irving and Longfellow Middle Schools, Norman High School, the Instructional Services Center, the Oklahoma Library Association Annual Conference, and reflection.





1/22/13 Madison Elementary 8:30-12:30 4
1/23/13 Instructional Services Center (ISC) 8:00-12:00 4
1/29/13 Longfellow Middle School 8:30-12:30 4
1/31/13 8:00-4:00 8
2/5/13 8:30-12:30 4
2/7/13 Irving Middle School 8:30-12:30 4
2/12/13 8:30-12:30 4
2/14/13 8:30-2:30 6 (30 total)
2/19/13 Norman High School 8:30-12:30 4
2/26/13 8:30-12:30 4
2/28/13 8:30-3:30 7
3/5/13 8:30-2:30 6
3/6/13 11:30-2:30 3
3/7/13 8:30-2:30 6 (30 total)
3/12/13 ISC 8:30-3:30 7
3/14/13 Madison Elementary 7:30-3:30 8
3/26/13 8:30-12:30 4
3/28/13 8:30-12:30 4 (20 total)
4/2/13 ISC 8:30-3:30 7
4/4/13 OLA (counts for ISC) 8:30-4:30 8
4/5/13 OLA (counts for ISC) 10:30-2:30 4 (30 total)
Work on reflection, etc. (25 total)

Grand Total: 135 hours


Internship Objectives and Tasks

Currently Reading: Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson

My learning objectives (with corresponding tasks) for my internship this semester in Norman Public Schools:

Objective 1: Implement instruction that reflects 21st-century skills based on student interests and needs.

  • Recognize the instructional strategies presented by Marzano, and review strategies for guided inquiry as presented by Kulhthau
  • Use a variety of digital instruction tools and strategies

Objective 2: Identify the role each librarian plays in supporting curriculum and developing other teachers professionally.

  • Identify and apply AASL’s Standards for the 21st-Century Learner

Objective 3: Incorporate multiple literacies into classroom and library activities

  • Read two books for children and teens per month from the fantasy and science fiction genres to gain familiarity and understanding of topics and themes

Objective 4: Assess and demonstrate ways to accommodate varied student information needs before and during library instruction.

  • Recognize how each library media specialist promotes equitable and ethical access to print, digital, and virtual resources
  • Identify and demonstrate awareness of current and emerging technologies each librarian has used or plans to use in library and classroom instruction

Objective 5: Recognize how each library media specialist co-plans, co-teaches, and co-assesses in preparation and presentation of classroom instruction

  • Shadow librarian(s) at each location as they co-plan and co-teach with teachers

Objective 6: Identify the school district’s methods for cataloging and classifying library materials

  • Identify professional selection tools and criteria used to select library materials
  • Process and prepare materials for library shelves according to current classification standards

Objective 7: Evaluate ways to distribute physical, human, and fiscal resources of each location to best meet the needs of the library users

  • Assess how materials enhance instruction and meet the interests and needs of students and teachers at each location
  • Read Norman Public School District’s library collection development policy

Objective 8: Compare and contrast elementary, middle school, and high school library media specialist roles and responsibilities and evaluate future interest in four different job situations

  • Write a reflective essay at the end of the semester analyzing the similarities and differences between the various locations